Vedas – The Myth And Reality (English)

Name/नाम Vedas – The Myth And Reality
Author-Editor/लेखक-संपादक Pandit Dharmdev Vidyamartand
Language/भाषा English
Publisher/प्रकाशक Arsh Sahitya Prachaar Trust
Publication Year/प्रकाशन वर्ष  
Binding Style/बंधन शैली Hard Cover
ISBN/SKU book00134

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Product Description

Book s name – VEDAS – The myth and reality ( a reply to vedic age)
Writer s name – Pt. dharma deva vidya Martand

In order to dispel misconceptions regarding the vedic conception of God, vedic risis, Devatas, Vedic Yajnas, meat – eating, alcoholic drinks etc. The writer had written a book in hindi named, वेदों का यथार्थ स्वरुप in about 500 pages which was published first by Punjab arya pratinidhi sabha at the gurukul kangri press. The whole work was later abridged and renderd into English by shri Bharat Bhooshan.

This abridged English edition of vedo ka yatharth svrup will dispel many misconceptions about the Vedas like polytheism, polygamy, animal sacrifice, meat eating, drinking and magic in atharvveda etc, which have been so erroneously highnghted by many western scholars and their followers. The original work was written mainly to repudiate the misconceptions contained in vedic age.

The extensive quotations from that book have been given to show how erroneous were their statements. Those who would like to read in detail regarding all these subjects must read original book “वेदों का यथार्थ स्वरुप”