The Vedic Philosophy

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Book s name – The Vedic Philosophy

Writer s name – Dr.Satya pal arya
Human life is a blessing. The who realize this, value it and want to utilize it and strive for truth, the knowledge for which our soul is craving for! This book is for thouse aspirants who understand the first statement and are interested to know the path which is taught by Vedas, by sagaes and researchers of acient and modern times, the true path that leads to the happiness of the soul. The book gives insight of vedic teachings as despicted by philosophers who have devoted their life to find the truth and sacrificed their life in the service of mankind.
The author has tried to bring the true picture of growth of Hinduism and its various branches. This overview and brief introduction is included to compliment the association with the context. The answer to question of life in direct, simple and interactive style in conversation mode and the elaboration to the point deserve credit to the author. The author is a voracious reader and has faith in vedic sanskriti and its teachings as reflected through his writing.
Veda, The sacred book of knowledge owes respect by all. Its principles, give you directions to lead life in right manner. This book gives you the glimpse of truth notes and writing of sages and saints who lead their lives walking on the path of truth and devoted it for almighty and service of mankind.
The book give essence of vedic knowledge and doctrine of life in a nutshell packaged for seekers of truth. What is yoga? Where does it lead to? Death what is it? What happens after death? The soul, its limits and strengths etc. are the topics gravely touched and explained with this book the author has tried to follow the principle – “ved ka parana paranna aur sunna sunaana sab aryon ka param dharma hai” i.e. “ It is prime duty of each Arya-great intellectual being to read, teach and listen, recite the Ved Epic.