The Original Philosophy of Yoga

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Author : Dr. Tulsi Ram Sharma
Yoga is an intelligent, self-conscious, Natural way of full living at the personal, social and Dharmic (Cosmic) level. At the personal level: Yoga is self integration of the particle in terms of will, intelligence and emotion. Man, after all, is a particle in the context of the expansive, infinite universe. At the social level: Yoga is re-integration of the part with the whole. Man comes in alone, goes out all alone. But between coming and going, he is a part of the whole, specially the human society. Yoga says: Live as part of the whole, Together in thought, word and deed. At the Dharmic level: Yoga is re-union of the finite with the Infinite. The universe, is expansive, and the Spirit of the Universe, immanent and transcendent, is Infinite. At the highest and ultimate stage of yoga, man joins the Infinite. Then the existential condition falls off and the individual spirit joins with the Cosmic Spirit. Size : 14 cms x 22 cms, Pages : 312