The Hymns of Yajurveda (English)

NameThe Hymns Of Yajurveda
AuthorDr. Tulsiram
Binding Hard Cover

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The Hymns of Yajurveda

In Yajurveda we have 1975 verses, it not only lays down rules for the performance of various yajnas, but lays utmost stress on right actions. All good actions constitute yajna. It describes all forms of right actions from birth to death and contains the fundamentals of spirituality and spiritual living.


Yajurveda is knowledge of the science of living, being as well as becoming, at the individual as well as the collective level in relation to Nature, humanity and Divinity.


Yajurveda celebrates the glory of active life: the preparation for living, love and marriage for the joy of family life, retirement, community life of Varna-Ashram Dharma, national and international organisation, Rashtra and Swaraj,


In short, life is a four-act play in the eternal drama of existence in which we have countless exits and entrances, without beginning and without end. The wonder is that the exit and entrance are simultaneous, identical like the Zero and 2400 hours of the day-night cycle.


The vibrancy of life is capped with the warning of death, which too is a gateway to life again or to the ultimate freedom of Moksha in the presence of OM kham Brahma.


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