Name Shaddarshan
Author Swami Jagdishwaranand
Language Hindi
Edition 8th
Binding  Hard Cover
ISBN/SKU book00168

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Product Description

पुस्तक का नाम:- षड्दर्शनम्

लेखकः- स्वामी जगदीश्वरानन्द
Description :
In this work the author presents a precise and illuminating study of systems of Indian philosophy classified into yoga, nayaya, vaisesika, samakhya, mimansa and vedanta. Nayaya discusses the means by which knowledge may be had of the Ultimate reality; vaisesika, the things to be known about that Ultimate reality; samakhya, the evolution of metaphysical doctrine; yoga, the metaphysical doctrine in relation to the individual; mimansa, the rules and methods of interpreting the doctrine; and Vedanta, the relationship between God, Matter and the world. Pages : 544, Size : 14 cms × 22 cms