Sanskrit Grammar

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Book s name – Sanskrit grammer
Writer s name – R. G. Bhandarkar
This Sanskrit is traceable to the 2nd millennium BCE in a form known as the Vedic Sanskrit, with the veda as the earliest surviving text. A more refined and an exact grammatical form called the Classical Sanskrit emerged in mid-1st millennium BCE with the Aṣṭādhyāyī treatise of Pāṇini. Sanskrit, though not necessarily Classical Sanskrit, is the root language of many Prakrit languages
The grammar of the Sanskrit language has a complex verbal system, rich nominal declension, and extensive use of compound nouns.
This book about Sanskrit grammer . The book presents the rule of the grammer in a very simple and lucid manner. The tense, e.g. present, past, future, preposition, pronouns, conjugation, have been explained in very understandable manner. Masculine, feminine, and neuter, cases with noun ending in vowels and nouns ending in consonants are also another features of the books moods. e.g. poetical as well as prose have also been explained in the book in all, Sanskrit grammer as a book give rules of Sanskrit grammer with examples, thus making this book very useful and readable.
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