Paatanjal Yoga Darshan (English)

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Paatanjal Yaga Darshan
(Philosophy of Yoga)
(Paatanjal Aphorisms and Vyaasa Commentary with original sanskrit Text and Transliteration with lucid English Translation and Vedic commentary)
Yoga is the science of liberation for the Soul. It is not only the science of liberation but also is the path to achieve physical and mental health as well as peace of mind. Aphorism of seer Patanjali teaches the path of overall physical, mental and spiritual development for the human beings.
Salient Features of the book are —
Transliteration of Yoga aphorism and Vyaasa commentary.
Word-by-word translation of Sanskrit text of Yoga aphorisms and Vyaasa commentary.
Supported by the meanings and comments given by Swami Dayanand on various aphorisms in his books.
Explanation of Vyaasa commentary, as per inner-testimony of Vyaasa commentary.
Vedic commentary on Yoga aphorisms is based on Vyaasa commentary and supported by various testimonies from Vedas and Vedic scriptures.
Explanations of attainments are purely on the basis of Vyaasa commentary, and supported by the testimonies of Vedas and Vedic scriptures.
Abrogation of misconceptions with regard to various attainments, in order to understand the real form of these attainments.
Explanation of Ultra-cognitive Trance with special reference to cognition of Soul and GOD, supported by the testimonies of Vedas and Upnishads.
Practical guidance for practioner of Yoga to achieve trance.
Detailed step by step guidance for achieving salvation in the last 10 aphorisms, as per inner testimony of philosophy of Yoga and Vedas and Vedic scriptures.