Light of Truth (Dr. C. Bharawdwaja)

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LIGHT OF TRUTH (Dr.C.Bharawdwaja) ( English )
Author : Dr. Chiranjeeva Bharadwaja, Editor : Pt. Satya Prakash Beegoo
This translation of Satyārtha Prakāsh into English by Shri Dr. C. Bharadwaja is unique in several aspects. As most of the Vedic terms and Samskrita words do not have their equivalent in the English vocabulary, the learned doctor has very carefully chosen the English words which convey the correct and right meaning of the terms to a greater range in this translation. Besides, being a scholar of Samskrita and science, his insight into the Veda mantras, Slokas and other Samskrita aphorisms is remarkable. He has thus made this translation easily understable and to the point both for the Indians who are familiar with the Vedic and Samskrita terms and also for the foreigners who are eager to have a clear understanding of the ancient and oldest Sanatana Vedic Dharma, culture and history of the Āryas. This translation is indeed a must read for missionaries, students of comparative religions, and for the seekers of truth. -The Editor Size : 14 cms x 22 cms, Pages : 808
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