Introduction to the Indian Culture, Thought and Philosophy

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Book s name – Introduction to the Indian Culture, Thought and Philosophy
Interviewer name – Bharat Bhooshan

Since ancient times, India has lured a large number of foreigners who are keen to gain insights into the Vedic culture, thought and philosophy.

Most of such seekers of truth come on short trips and are generally misguided by the mushrooming self-styled gurus, yogis and charlatans, who, taking advantage of their ignorance of our acient scriptures like the Vedas, upnishads and the Bhagwad gita, introduce them to wrong notions, ideas and concepts to perpetuate their own agenda.

The interviewer as a journalist, felt sorry about this and thought that there was a need to ensure that these foreigners get a quick introduction to the fundamentals of the above mentioned scriptures, which are the main source of our Indian culture and philosophy

Therefore, Interviewer discussed this matter with the vedic scholar swami Dharmdev ji and sought an interview with him. The purpose was to seek his views on the various aspects of vedic culture to put things in the right perspective and save our guests from disillusionment our country from bad image.

This interview was conduted and first published in the year 1973 and was widely appreciated by all reader, both from Indian and abroad, Encouraged by the response, this book, small in size but rich in content.