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Forays into Ancient Indian Scince Technology

Forays into Ancient Indian Scince Technology

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Forays into Ancient Indian Scince Technology

In modern times, people, mesmerized with the technological explosion
driven by market forces have become enemies of mother Earth and are
mercilessly plundering all facets of this beautiful Mother Earth. As a
result, there is ecological imbalance, degradation of human values and
increasing social anarchy across the globe. In order to overcome the
crisis faced by human race, we need to look into ancient Indian philosophy
of science and technology which thrived for thousands of years without
much damage to the Mother Nature. It is important to study ancient Indian
science and technological achievements with modern outlook and adopt them
even now as most of them are self sustainable being inherently
nature-centric. An attempt has been made to relook at with new vision
some of the work on ancient Indian science and technologies by various
authors into a book titled “Forays into Ancient Indian Science and
Technology”. This book contains eight articles by various authors various
facets of ancient Indian Science and Technology that can be rejuvenated
and revived even in modern time.