बृहद विमानशास्त्र


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  • Subject : About Vedic make Airplane Techniques
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Keywords : vedic viman shastra

This Treatise on Aeronautics is an eye opening for the modern experts since an aircraft named as puspaka vimana was manufacture  by using not perceptive but intuitive genius by the most learned hermits like Bharadvaja. This treatise has been translated taking in care of modern scientist, Professional relating of space Ecology, Virology, biology,  (consisting both Zoology and Botany) as also Genetics ans psychology as well. Following are salient feature if this book on  Aeronautics :-

(i) A number of chapter first define and refer to certain herbs, Plants, shrubs, trees, Including their inner parts subsequently used in making ready the infrastructure of an aircraft.

(ii) All pre-historic or Vedic technologists also fine their names duly and in chronicle order given  in an inventory here. Apart from that here are given list of books on technology perused and made mention of certain formulae discussed therein.

(iii) All chapter in this books bear sufficient knowledge on ancient Classics, stamina, prowess and faculty of thinking over technical matter for people desirous of having worldly comforts and pleasures.

(iv) Herein have been mentioned all precautions and mandatory instruction simultaneous to making every development in making infrastructure of an aircraft.

(v) Comments also have been given at places deemed appropriate and worth inspiring professionals to very technology to get identifies with stars, galaxies, planets and their respective orbits.