द मनुस्मृति

The Manusmriti

English Aarsh(आर्ष)
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  • By : Dr. Surendera Kumar
  • Subject : The Manusmriti
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Keywords : The Manusmriti

Manusmriti is an ancient work on jurisprudence. Unfortunately, some misunderstandings and misconceptions are prevailing about Manu and his Manusmriti.

Dr. Surendra Kumar ji an eminent Samskrita scholar has quoted many internal evidences from this book to prove that all these claims have no ground. They are false and malicious. 

He examined each and every Shlokas to detect the genuine from the interpolated ones. He has given convincing and logical proofs why such and such Shlokas are later additions to the body of the Manusmriti. 

An English translation of this book from the Ärsha Vedic point of view was not available. Arya UpadeshakaShri Pt. SatyapraksahBeegoo ji from Mauritius, voluntarily agreed to translate this into English, enhancing its value with transliteration of every Shloka, and providing the meaning of all the Samskrita words.